Andy and Cath's Baby

(My nephew) Toby Mark Cullington

On Tuesday 26th February at 2.30am, my sister Catherine gave birth to a baby boy,Toby Mark Cullington.

His weight at birth was 9lb 1oz (4.1kg).

Click below to see his life in pictures taken by me.

On his 0th birthday and before...

1 month old (32 days)

12 days old

Toby doing his Robert DeNiro impersonation at 50 days.

Loads of pictures of Toby from 71 to 107 days old

110 to 152 days old

Pics from the last half of 2002

10 to 13 months including his first birthday.

15 to 17 months

Beach pics - Summer 2003

New pics added 03/06/05:

3 years old

Into the woods, down to the stream (June 2005)

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