Lunar Eclipse pics.

On Tuesday 9th January 2001 the moon passed behind the Earth during a lunar eclipse. From our garden I managed to capture these pictures using a video camera. The sky was cloudy and hazy, but the actual last few minutes before totality were quite clear.

18:50:42 - A bit misty. Umbral has started.
18:58:11 - Very misty!
19:15:53 - Almost half of the moon has been eaten!
19:27:08 - Oh no, I'm going to miss it, the clouds are rolling in.
19:36:49 - Ahhhh, that's better, not long to go now.
19:39:28 - Almost there.
19:43:23 - Going...
19:45:39 - Going...
19:49:31 - Gone

The only light getting to the moon in the last picture when it was in totality, was being refracted (bent) by the Earth's atmosphere.

Key eventsTime (UT)
Moon enters Earth penumbra (some of sun blocked) 17:44
Moon enter's Earth umbra (partial eclipse - part of moon is totally blocked from sun) 18:42
Moon totally eclipsed by Earth19:49
Moon leaves totality20:52
Moon leaves Earth umbra (end of partial eclipse) 21:59
Moon leaves Earth penumbra (end of eclipse) 22:58

Pictures 2001 M.Sidey

For more information on eclipses go to the NASA Web Site.