How to make a giant tetrahedron for your garden.

If you're completely mad like me and fancy having a 2 metre high geometric sculpture in your garden, follow these instructions...

Disclaimer: Ask your parents before trying this. I cannot be held responsible if you cut off a limb, poke out an eye or cause damage to property while attempting this. Oh and it's a good idea to wash your hands after using the green sticks - I'm not sure what the green stuff is.

You will need:

First you need to make a small tetrahedron (triangular-base pyramid).
To do this, wind a rubber band around three sticks until it's quite tight.

Now spread out the three sticks and attach more so each corner (or vertex) is made of three sticks.

And it should look like this...

Now you need to make three more of these, and using the wire at each corner attach all four little tetrahedrons together to make a medium-sized one...

Now the bad news...
You need to make three more of these, which means 12 more of the little tetrahedrons.
Now attach the medium-sized tetrahedrons together and voila a giant tetrahedron about 2 meters high.

The next stage would need 288 more sticks to make three more giant tetrahedrons. If you put these together you would make a tetrahedron about 4 metres tall!!!

If you make a tetrahedron, send me a picture to put on my site.