--- Class 4 adverts --- Class 4 adverts --- Class 4 adverts ---
After studying adverts and advertising, the children of Class 4 in groups invented a product and produced a poster and radio ad for their product.

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PosterProductRadio Ad (mp3)
Brain Messerupper a drink that messes up your brain! (Silly voice was me filling in for Matt who was on holiday)1m45s
FFC a takeaway that does everything chocolate (e.g. Chocolate burgers)1m50s
Dance 100 a new CD. The poster is only outline as the group didn't have time to do a colour version.1m35s
Fizz Pop a drink and bubblegum in one! (Me doing silly voice again.)55s
JMPJ a new games console with mind control! (The poster isn't quite finished. Maybe you can finish it Peter and I'll do a new picture next time I come in.)35s
Rollertastic trainers that turn into rollerskates!1m50s

If you have problems listening to the sound files, please email me.