The children went outside and sketched trees. Back in class they used different media to draw the trees or representations of trees.

Click an image to see a larger picture.

by Jack - Wax crayon for an effective monochrome tree, and splash of colour below.
by Louise - in pencil, Louise has created several different styles of tree - with a sky suggesting windy conditions...
by Lucy - a very atmospheric charcoal sketch.
by Martha - colourful wax crayons and interesting branches.
by Matt - Charcoal with good texture and shading.
by Rosie - lots of detail in this pencil drawing.
by Samantha - This sharp charcoal drawing almost shows the growth of trees from right to left.
by Tara - A moody charcoal drawing really giving the feeling of a forest of branches.
by Tara - Another charcoal drawing, but softer showing different tree types.

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