Habitat Investigation - Group 6

Libby, Matt D., Sam, Yasmin


Next to Pond Under caravan
Description/ Location Grass, weeds, bricks and plants - front of school Under school caravan - front of school
Light level (0-10) 10+ 3
Temperature (of air 5cm above surface) C 7 5
Temperature (5cm below surface) C 7 5
Moisture level very damp a little damp
No Shelter sheltered from wind and rain partly sheltered
Animals found worm, ant, snail, spider, earwig spider, beetle (black with gold edging)
Animal sketch
Plants found 15 Buttercups, 10000 grass, 3000 leaves, 2000 weeds, 4 dandilion, 5 long grass 0 Buttercups, 100 grass, 200 leaves, 10000 weeds, 2 dandilion, 30000 long grass

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